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On behalf of the Trustees, Board of Directors, and the Officers of the Corporal Larry E. Smedley National War Museum -

Welcome to the Corporal Larry E. Smedley National Vietnam War Museum website!

The purpose of this Museum is to organize, foster and perpetuate a medium for information and education.  Through our impressive collection of artifacts, mementos, equipment and static displays, we aim to  project  to the general public the role the military played, the conditions that prevailed and the impact of the Vietnam War and subsequent wars on both the military member and society in general.

Our Museum is proud to honor the men, women, and their families who served and continue to serve this country in times of war and in peace. Men and women like them continue to make this country the great nation it is today and we thank each and every one for the roles they play and the sacrifices they make.

The museum is here to provide assistance to all Veterans in their readjustment to life in the civilian community.

To those who served in Vietnam and in every war since - this museum is your legacy for the world to see. We are just the “Caretakers”.

I would like to say to all my brothers and sisters who served this great nation in Vietnam and in all subsequent wars, “WELCOME HOME”.

Eustace L. Horne

Corporal Larry E. Smedley National Vietnam War Museum



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