Best Artifacts to See from the National African American Museum

The National African American Museum is located near the White House and is always full of visitors. 12 galleries hold about 4,000 artifacts that show the struggles and achievements of African Americans. Here are some of the best artifacts you can explore there.

Slave cabin

This cabin dates back to the 1800s and slaves used to live here at the Point of Palms Plantation on Edisto Island in South Carolina. This plantation was 1,000 acres in size and have 25 slave cabins where 170 slaves used to live in. The cabin is made of yellow pine and cypress.

Tuskegee airplane

Using this plane, the African American men were trained as pilots by the Army Air Corps. This was during World War II and the training took place at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. It has an open cockpit and it’s a Boeing-Stearman PT-13D Kaydet. Mathematics is important when becoming a pilot.

Hat from Mae’s Millinery

Mae Reeves was the first African American female business owner. She designed this blue and white hat. This was a perfect Sunday church hat and many African American ladies used to visit her store looking for the hat.

Chuck Berry’s Cadillac

Chuck Berry was one of the best rock ‘n’ roll singers of all time. His car represents his success and lifestyle. This car was driven when filming Hail! Hail! You can see this extraordinary car at this museum today.

These artifacts are worth exploring by kids as well because they can learn new things. They can see the type of kindergarten math games and other ways children learned skills and facts. You must visit this museum to know more about the African American people and their stories.