Things Kids Can Do at The National Museum of American History

You must take your kids to the National Museum of American History. There are a lot of interesting things they can do and learn from there. Just like playing preschool math games teaches kids about math principles, museums teach them about the past. Both mathematical ability and knowledge of the past are very important for kids.

Here are some things they can do.

Draper Spark!Lab

Here the kids will become inventors. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 can create, test, experiment, and even invent things. Children take part in activities involving STEM subjects. These activities also make use of mathematical principles and reasoning.

Wegmans Wonderplace

This area of the museum is for children aged up to 6 years. Children can use their imagination and explore with their hands. Here they can play with animals, blocks, and other things that most kids of this age are interested in.

Spotlight Tours

Spotlight Tours - Things Kids Can Do at The National Museum of American History

These are short 15-minute tours of various exhibitions. The children can ask any question and the person guiding them will answer them. This way they will learn a lot about historical things at the museum.


There are exhibitions at the museum that are designed for the kids. For example, the transportation exhibition American on the Move. Here the kids can ride the Chicago ‘L’ train car that was invented in the 1950s. They can also read a famous speech by any American President.

The kids will have a wonderful time at this museum. They will not only learn new things but will also have fun participating in various activities.