Special Family Programs at the History Museum

The history museum is worth visiting for their collection of artifacts and mementos. The museum also offers various educational programs for people of all ages. Here are some programs offered for the children.

Meeting scientists and researchers

Meeting scientists and researchers - Special Family Programs at the History Museum

This program takes place twice a month. You can join your children to watch the Livestream with Museum scientists and researchers. The children can learn a lot of things from this program. The children can express their curiosity about something and get the right answers from scientists and researchers.

Viewing exhibits

You and your children can join the museum’s guides. Your children can get a guided tour of the various exhibits at the museum. It will be a memorable journey for them as they will be exploring various artifacts and mementos from the early days. They will learn a lot about history during their visit to the museum.

The guides will explain every artifact and memento. So, they will learn a great deal about them. They will find great interest in the various displays at the museum.


When the school is closed, children can go to camps organized by the museum. At the museum, they can look into exhibits and learn many things. They can also be engaged in many interactive activities.

These special programs can make your child more enthusiastic to visit museums. By taking part in these special programs, you can have a great time with your children.